View our state of the art facilities.

The space and resources to surpass your needs

The facility has been built with security, connectivity, redundancy and resilience in mind. Along with unlimited power and skillfull employees who work around the clock to ensure that the services run smooth and without any hiccups, the 28,000 square feet of data center space is sure to provide you with enough room to grow. Power on your side Never worry about power outages again! Our highly reliable automatic backup systems ensure constant, uninterrupted power to your equipment:

  • PowerWare and Leibert UPS systems operate independently to provide true redundancy.
  • Multiple diesel generators covering the entire facility always remain on standby.
  • If commercial power fails, automatic transfer switches (ATS) immediately activate generators, monitor electric feeds and transfer stabilized loads to generators.
  • The UPS systems keep equipment seamlessly powered, preventing resets while generators kick in.
  • Plus, staff on-site 24/7/365 walks through the facility and checks equipment performance.

Excellent Location

We're located in a single-level, single-tenant industrial building on one of the most fiber-rich routes in Dallas.

State-Of-The-Art Security

Beyond 24x7 on-site staff coverage, we use highly developed security to protect your data. This includes biometrics technology to secure entrances and access:

  • Biometric scanners
  • Multiple layers of 24x7 security cameras, card readers and keypads
  • Equipment area accessible only with cardkey and keypads
  • Noncustomers enter equipment area by escort only
  • All cabinets, cages and suites are locking, with security upgrades available
  • Facilities monitored with 24-hour recording and 5-day video storage

Advanced environmental and fire suppression controls

Keep your data protected in an ideal environment:

  • Cabinets laid out for optimum airflow - hot and cold aisles separate exhaust and intake
  • Solid cabling routed neatly overhead - easier for moving equipment
  • Facility stays a constant controlled 70 degrees
  • Industry-leading Liebert air units for under-floor cooling and humidity control
  • Pre-action dry pipe fire suppression rated for telecommunication equipment/computer rooms
  • Integrated smoke/heat detector system

We're here to deliver to you a head-ache free solution at the right price with customer service and quality always on our mind.

Our Network

We've got the connection covered, so you don't have to.

Crafted for Performance

When connecting to the Internet, speed, performance and redundancy are key features of a network to analyze. That's why you want to utilize a premium network to ensure your visitors will get to your site fast from all around the US as well as internationally. We currently utilize direct feeds from three tier 1 carriers and gear our network for performance, not bargain basement priced. Allow this simple network map to show you how we utilize our state-of-the-art equipment to link our tier 1 carriers to your data and deliver it with the utmost in reliability and redundancy. And you'll have all the speed you expect without latency or packet loss, thanks to our Gigabit Ethernet connections and Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP).

Right Servers Network Benefits

  • Level 3/InterNap/Time Warner - Multiple tier 1 carriers with diverse building entrances
  • Cisco 6500 - Fully redundant Cisco architecture using 6500 Layer3 switches and hot swap router protocol (HSRP) failover protection
  • InterNap FCP - Internap FCP appliance definitively identifies the fastest route for your data
  • 1 Gbps Connection - Gigabit Ethernet for all carrier and internal network connectivity, two direct network feeds to your equipment via separate switches
  • Colo4Dallas Guarantee - 100% Service Level Agreement guaranteeing performance

All High-End Providers

BGP combined with FCP works to ensure that you always have the lowest latency route possible. This combined with our high-quality carriers ensures that your data gets to where it's going as fast as possible.

Internap FCP - Intelligent Routing

Our network offers the best of the best with BGP to support multiple providers, enhanced by the Internap 5200 flow control platform. Internap FCP appliance definitively identifies the fastest route for your data and if it senses any latency or packet loss in the chosen direction, it reroutes around it (it won't send traffic on a stretched, roundabout cross-country route just to avoid AS hops). With diverse entrances and FCP, you're sure to get your traffic directed through the smartest path.

We Don't Oversell Our Bandwidth

With Right Servers, you'll always get 100 percent of the bandwidth you paid for and nothing less! Whether you subscribed to 1500 GB bandwidth or 150,000 GB bandwidth, don't expect anything less! With that in mind, we are always looking for ways to increase out network capacity as well as our quality so feel secure that we're always in search of the next carrier to add onto our network to better your experience with us and enrich your traffic's experience to your site.

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