AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform Overview

Ease of Cloud Computing Management with an Intuitive Web-Based GUI

AppLogic is a cloud computing platform that turns an array of standard dedicated servers with directly attached storage into a scalable cloud computing resource that you can use to run and scale web services. The intuitive browser-based cloud computing user interface makes AppLogic easy to manage, a key driver to cloud computing adoption and acceptance by administrators. Visit AppLogic GUI User Interface page to watch an AppLogic Demonstration video.

Vendor-Neutral Cloud Computing Platform

To be correct, the AppLogic cloud computing platform is a meta-operating system; meaning it incorporates other operating systems within it and allows you to use your existing software unmodified. The AppLogic cloud computing platform does not require a SAN or other expensive hardware. Luckily for you, Applogic is open and vendor-neutral, supporting Linux and all popular open-source middleware including Apache, MySQL , JBoss and Ruby on Rails. The AppLogic cloud computing platform will allow you to operate your Infrastructure as a Service with its virtual infrastructures used to build applications.

High-Availability Cloud Computing Platform

By using the AppLogic cloud computing platform with Right Servers, you can rest assure that your infrastructure is online with its high-availability solution built in. Right Servers also allows you to have complete control over the AppLogic cloud computing environment to build and run your applications. You can prepackage your applications by assembling your appliances (virtual infrastructure) in a template; from this point forward, you just need to assign an IP address and allocate the hardware resources via the AppLogic user web interface or SSH command console. These template capabilities coupled with some scripting in your order form, you will also be able to offer your applications on demand with the AppLogic cloud computing platform. AppLogic will be ideal for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) providers.

How Applications Run on The AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform

Running your applications on AppLogic cloud computing platform is actually far simpler than using traditional hardware. With the AppLogic cloud computing platform, there is never any hardware to deploy, configure or maintain. When you run an application on the AppLogic cloud computing platform, it dynamically provisions all infrastructure pieces needed for the application on demand, assembles and configures them with your code on top. When you stop the application, the AppLogic cloud computing platform tears down the infrastructure and frees up the dynamic resources (CPU, RAM, bandwidth). Unlike some of the other cloud computing platforms, AppLogic will keep your data stored until you decide to delete it. Plus, when you need additional performance, it takes just minutes to increase the resources allocated to your AppLogic application. You can add more servers to the cloud computing platform as needed, forget about over provisioning. This is just a small sample of advantages to using the AppLogic VPDC.

Two Use Examples of AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform

Scale Your Web 2.0 Technology with the AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform

If you are a Web 2.0 company, AppLogic enables you to scale to hundreds of thousands of users without spending effort and money on IT infrastructure. With AppLogic , you can scale your application incrementally from a single server to hundreds of servers without owning hardware.

Let AppLogic Help get Your Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) Application to Market Quicker

If you are a software company looking to offer existing application as a SaaS, AppLogic makes it possible to deploy the service in under a month while minimizing the risk and expense of re-engineering the application. Once configured, you can scale it to hundreds of servers incrementally with the AppLogic cloud computing platform as demand develops.

If you are an open source developer, AppLogic makes it easy to gain access to millions of new users who don\'t use open source today simply because they lack the skills, the time or the desire to set it up and manage it. Start monetizing on this trend by setting up and configuring your own custom cloud applications with the AppLogic cloud computing platform.

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