Appropriate Uses for AppLogic Cloud Applications

Deploy Cloud Applications with Standard Infrastructure Appliances Provided by the AppLogic Cloud Hosting Platform

If you're developing software and don't want to tie your code to your hardware infrastructure then the AppLogic cloud hosting platform would be ideal for your cloud application. With the AppLogic cloud hosting platform, you can choose from a set of standard infrastructure components in AppLogic's cataglog and add your software code on top of these stacks to develop cloud application templates. These cloud application templates can be provisioned with a few simple clicks whenever a new customer is added.

Develop and Test New Cloud Applications using the AppLogic Cloud Hosting Platform
Use the AppLogic cloud hosting platform to not only save you time in the development phase of your cloud application, but also during the testing phase of your cloud application. Even if you don't use the AppLogic cloud hosting platform for your production environment, it will still save you time and money when you perform your testing in an AppLogic cloud environment; no hardware to setup and the majority of middleware available in the AppLogic catalog. Have multiple test environments at the same time, just copy and start the new copy of the cloud application with AppLogic; takes only minutes to set up each copy of the N-tier cloud application. Running a cloud application in sandbox mode will allow you to run your cloud application with even lower resources requirements, allowing you to place more test applications using one AppLogic cloud.

Build, Test and Tune Custom N-tier Cloud Application Infrastructure with the AppLogic Cloud Hosting Platform

The AppLogic cloud computing platform is the ultimate tool for designing, building and replicating complex distributed infrastructures and N-tier cloud applications. With the industry leading graphical user interface (GUI) infrastructure editor and catalog of virtual appliances, the AppLogic cloud hosting platform allows you to assemble, configure and troubleshoot your system visually; integrations can be completed in hours instead of days. The AppLogic cloud hosting platform makes it easy to pre-assemble frequently used subsystems, such as clustered databases, web tiers, application server clusters, and many others into templates and reuse these assemblies. These cloud appliances can be used in many cloud applications, or even in several places within the same cloud application.

Achieve Multi-Tenant Deployment Easier with the AppLogic Cloud Hosting Platform

The AppLogic cloud hosting platform enables multi-tenant deployment of existing web applications without expensive re-engineering. Simply run multiple instances of the cloud application on the same cloud environment and scale each individual instance as required. With the AppLogic cloud hosting platform, most applications can be deployed as online services within a week or two avoiding the complex task of building and running a single huge multi-tenant cloud application.

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