Advantages of the AppLogic Cloud for SaaS Providers

AppLogic Helps Reduce Time-to-Market for Your SaaS Application

With AppLogic you can accomplish everything you can with traditional co-location, but in a fraction of the time to allow every development stage of your SaaS to go faster. There is never a delay to provision hardware, rebuild images, or test configuration changes; even rolling back to test previous versions takes just minutes with the AppLogic cloud.

Scalability of Your SaaS Application is Easy with the AppLogic Cloud

You\'ll never need to overprovision again. The AppLogic cloud allows you to scale your SaaS at virtually any time, so you never have to put infrastructure that you won't need in anticipation of growth; add servers to the AppLogic cloud on an as needed basis - pay-as-you-grow!

AppLogic Makes Multi-Tenancy for SaaS Applications Simpler

AppLogic makes it so easy to deploy and scale individual copies of your SaaS application for each customer. The complex multi-tenant SaaS architectures can become your competitors' worries while you take advantage of AppLogic's template based cloud hosting. Provision a copy of the SaaS application for each customer and place the same number of clients on your hardware - without the hassle!

Create Application Snapshots with AppLogic

Backups can be simple with traditional servers, but those methods only capture and protect your data. Restoring your data is not always an easy task either, but with AppLogic's application snapshots, you backup a complete executable instance of your application. This means AppLogic will allow you to backup a file that is fully configured and holds all your data so there is no need to restore or reconfigure anything, just start it up.

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