23 Jul 2011

Achieve High-Availability of Your Data With Cloud Computing

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I’m here this time to talk to you about an advantage of cloud computing, achieving high-availability for your application. For those of your that are not 100% sure what high-availability is, you should Google it … just kidding! High-availability means that if a hardware failure were to occur (hard drive, power supply, motherboard, or other failures that cause a server to become unavailable), the system will automatically kick in and put your services back online.

Reduce Labour Fees and Stress Levels: There are a number of ways cloud computing can achieve this from a technical point of view, but the one I will mention is 3Tera’s AppLogic cloud computing platform which automatically reboots the applications from the failing node (physical servers) onto a working node (all without losing any of your data… I know, it’s sweet). This is one of the main reasons that businesses of all sizes are switching over to cloud computing because they no longer have to worry about failing hardware taking their operations offline. The failing hardware usually comes with more than just a headache and a feeling that resembles getting kicked to the teeth, it comes with emergency labor fees and downtime that is crucial to your business operations. With cloud computing, you wouldn’t need to worry about that at all if you were on a public cloud (cloud that hosts numerous clients like Amazon or Right Servers) as the service provider would manage that. If you were on your own private cloud, this fix can wait until the next morning when you have a technician working a regular shift with labor rates that won’t make you pull out your hair (I think cloud computing is the reason I’m not completely bald).

Your Operations Depend on it: The bottom line is, cloud computing adds another layer of redundancy when hardware fails, and it keeps your business online and operational. If you have applications running on your servers that are necessary for your continuing day-to-day operations then failing hardware could mean time wasted and lower productivity. This isn’t just necessary for your stress levels, but extremely important if you are an e-commerce based business and the majority of your business depends on your website staying online. Down time means potential clients can’t access your storefront or your sales force can’t access their CRM system and those clients would take their business elsewhere. 3Tera AppLogic cloud platform has built in application that will help you eliminate downtime and help you get closer to staying online 100% of the time.

High-availability has become a necessity, so don’t go on without it. As always, feel free to contact me at yazan [at] rightservers [dot] com with any topics you wish to know more about.

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