25 Jul 2011

Scale on The Fly – Scale on Demand With Cloud Computing

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I’m here to talk to you about another benefit of cloud computing and what it means to you and your business. What does scale on the fly or scale on demand mean? With cloud computing, everything is virtualized so you can add on more resources as you need them. Vice-versa also holds true, if your demands are seasonal, then you would want to scale back your resources so you can save on your cloud computing expenses since it’s resource and usage based. Save on your IT budget and spend it on company lunches …  for yourself (that might just be me).

Pay Only For What You Use: Traditionally, IT decision makers had to determine how much their IT needs would grow over a 6, 12, and 18 month period. This was so they can plan accordingly and purchase the right amount of power and resources to ensure their operations run smoothly. This essentially is like when your mother bought you a sweater that was too big initially but she predicted you would grow into. In my case, I just stopped growing and all my clothes were too big and I remained short. Anyways, this is one major benefit to cloud computing because you don’t need to forecast your needs and you don’t need to purchase more than you need to begin with. In this sense, cloud computing saves you money in the short and medium term. What about the long term you ask? Well, I have to say that you ask too many questions, but I will get to it.

Take Out The Hassle and Labour: It gets even better in the long term with cloud computing … you don’t have to deal with the hassle of moving your data and reconfiguring any servers when you outgrow your hardware. With cloud computing, you simply just keep adding resources and there is no need to migrate! This saves you plenty of headaches and labour so you save even more money … I sound like Wal-Mart, constantly talking about saving you money. Labour is typically one of the largest costs of managing a business’s IT infrastructure. You can lower that cost with cloud computing over traditional server hosting since you wouldn’t need to hire somebody to migrate your data and reconfigure a new server for you. You also wouldn’t be faced with the hassle of dealing with downtime and errors that sometimes rise up when migrating from one server to another, just a few clicks and you have yourself more resources.

Overall, you would have more resources at your finger tips and you wouldn’t need to bring in an expert to move your data and software to a better setup. You keep your mind on your operations and let cloud computing take care of your resource requirements. As always, feel free to contact me at yazan [at] rightservers [dot] com with any topics you wish to know more about.

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