AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform – Benefits & Overview

The secure and robust AppLogic cloud computing platform is widely used throughout the enterprise, government and financial institutions throughout the globe. Known for its easy-to-use web GUI interface and loved by the large community of supporters, it is easy to see why the feature-rich platform is the top choice for most organizations.

AppLogic cloud high availability

High-Availability without the headaches or Expensive Hardware

AppLogic can be configured to replicate your data up to 9X across multiple nodes in real-time; losing a server on the cloud will not be an emergency. This is a better approach than simply using a single NAS with redundant components as it doesn’t leave you relying on a single piece of hardware.
Secure Enterprise Cloud Platform

Secure Platform – Trusted by the Government!

The AppLogic cloud platform is a secure platform that is used in many organizations today, including the US Government. By using different switches for internal communication (cloud), and external communication (public traffic), the AppLogic platform can maintain a high degree of security within its environment.
Private Cloud Packages

Increase your cloud ROI today!

Private Cloud Packages
Applogic cloud Web GUI volume management

Ease of Management with the User-Friendly Web Graphical User Interface (GUI)

While most people go for the ‘best’ technology, it is easy to get lost in learning a new system. AppLogic has taken a smarter approach; it delivers the top technology with the ease of management. With the cloud’s web GUI, you can take appliances from you catalogue and simply drag and drop them onto the application canvas – it’s that easy! You also have access to various tools to manage all your application needs using the cloud’s Web GUI. Visit the AppLogic Web GUI Demo page for more details.

Scale On-Demand with a Few Clicks

Whether you are using the web GUI interface or the command line interface, scaling your CPU, memory, bandwidth and disk space is achieved within seconds. For demanding applications, you can also set your web servers to scale on their own without any intervention!
Scale Cloud Resources with Web GUI on AppLogic
Web GUI Demo

View the demo of the web GUI now!

Web GUI Demo

Differentiate from the Competition – Build Cloud Applications for your Niche!

We fully manage the cloud server according to your needs and requirements. The possibilities are essentially limitless with AppLogic as you are equipped with an extensive catalogue of appliances that you can use to build your applications.

Networking & Security

    • Switches
    • VPN
    • Firewalls

    Traffic Management

      • Load Balancers
      • Secure Gateways
      • SQUID Appliances

      Replication & Scalability

        • Replicate NAS Storage across clouds
        • Replicate MySQL across clouds
        • Scalable Servers without any human intervention

        These virtual appliances can be tailored to match your need and requirements with the appliance kits.

        Rather than spending all that time and money on engineering your software to work in a multi-tenancy fashion, build an application that required minimal code changes. With AppLogic, you can build an application template that allows you to deploy an instance for each client. This method allows you to save time and money all while adding the advantage of offering your clients the benefit of being completely segregated from other clients.Sample Application
        Private Cloud Packages

        Start building your applications and get to market faster!

        Private Cloud Packages
        Cloud Sandbox environment for your application

        Built-in Sandbox Environment for Development & Testing

        With a cloud environment, you can utilize your resources as you wish. Whether you want to develop multiple set-ups to test the performance of the application, stress test your current application, or even run a production application, you can do it all on the same environment.
        Keep up with the latest and greatest hardware

        Stay up to date with the Latest Hardware

        Unlike other cloud computing platforms, AppLogic uses standard servers to create a high-availability cloud. As you grow, you can use the latest hardware the market has to offer without ditching your existing infrastructure. This means you don’t need to upgrade an expensive SAN in order to upgrade your cloud. Spend less while achieving your goals – increase your ROI today!

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