The Right Servers Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program

Sell More and Increase your Cloud Hosting Reseller Profit Margins
Reseller Tier Applications Volume Monthly Fee Discount
Tier 1 1-9 5%
Tier 2 10-25 10%
Tier 3 26-60 15%
Tier 4 60+ 25%
*All services must be sold at or above Right Servers pricing

Offer fully automated cloud hosting services to your clients in minutes!

Increase your product portfolio within minutes by leveraging the Right Servers Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program. This is accomplished by leveraging an existing billing platform that is widely used throughout the hosting industry, WHMCS – This allows you to gain flexibility in your operations with the choice of many modules to get your business running efficiently. This template based billing system will allow you to fully customize your client portal to have the look and feel of the rest of your website; you can also customize your email templates to include the message that you wish your clients would see. You get all the benefits of the cloud service offering without the hassle. Best of all, you can set your own prices, instant profits!

The Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program is ideal for: Your clients will benefit from:
  • Web Hosting Providers
  • Web Developers
  • Outsourced IT Service Providers
  • System administrators
  • Information Systems Specialists
  • Software developers
  • Software-as-a-Service Developers and Providers
  • IT infrastructure Providers
  • Entrepreneurs involved in corporate and IT strategies
  • Automatic Provisioning of Orders
  • Fully automated billing platform
  • Automated operating system re-installs
  • On-the-fly resource scalability of CPU cores, RAM and disk space
  • Start, Stop, and reboot applications
  • Services monitoring with email alerts of their choice
  • Fully customizable template based system to fully integrate into your website

Increase your brand equity

You can now increase your brand equity by providing innovative cloud hosting solutions to your clients. The Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program offers this without incurring additional overhead or maintenance costs. With this white label reseller solution, you can take all the credit of providing a high quality automated cloud hosting system without any additional investment. Rest assured that your infrastructure is hosted with an experienced team that ensures top quality service to all of our clients, resellers, affiliates and partners.

Leverage 3Tera's Applogic cloud hosting platform

Build confidence and stand behind an award winning cloud hosting platform – 3Tera’s AppLogic operating system. With true high-availability of all of your data and best-in-class user interface, you can’t go wrong with choosing AppLogic and your clients will praise you for your smart choice.

Pricing of the Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program

You can fall into one of 3 categories:

  1. Free for existing WHMCS users – You can gain access to this module free of charge if you have an existing WHMCS license
  2. Free for clients with one or more cloud applications – You can contact sales to gain a free WHMCS license provided that you will also install the Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller module
  3. $10 per month otherwise – If you do not have a cloud application with Right Servers or a WHMCS license, Right Servers would be able to provide you with a discounted WHMCS license provided that you install the Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller module
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