About Right Servers Inc. – Canadian Cloud Hosting Provider

Right Servers Inc. was established on May 2007 in Waterloo, Ontario by Wilfrid Laurier University entrepreneurs (incorporated in 2011). Our aim is to continuously improve service quality while providing a first-class experience to our customers as well as end-users. Right Servers Inc. provides a range of Canadian cloud hosting solutions for all types of businesses from personal and small businesses up to enterprise level solutions.

Product offerings include domain cloud hosting, cloud servers/virtual private servers (VPS), cloud application, a range of private cloud packages, and more.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer scalable cloud solutions to businesses of all sizes, and provide enterprise-grade solutions for our small and medium business clients. We will leverage technological advancements, automation and efficient business processes in order to provide solutions that increase value for our clients and their end-user experience. Our goals include increasing reliability and redundancy to ensure that cloud applications are always online.

Whether you are our smallest or largest client, you will be treated with the utmost level of integrity. We will always listen to your feedback and funnel your suggestions to ensure continuous improvement of our cloud service offerings to meet and exceed all of your needs.


Our vision is to advance small and medium business technology to take advantage of cloud hosting and other technological improvements, allowing these businesses the opportunity to increase their efficiency and add value to their services. Right Servers Inc. aims to integrate and align our Canadian cloud hosting services within your business in order to provide complete IT solutions.

Our Team

The Right Servers team consists of people with years of experience not only in the cloud hosting industry, but also in finance, product management, game hosting, web hosting, collaborative technology, and online learning. Our members’ experience in web and game hosting has given us insight into many different business lines, allowing us to cater our services to a variety of different needs. Our people have experience working with many different networks and data centres and have given us an intimate knowledge on how to choose providers and manage infrastructure requirements. We draw on a large network of contacts to help us improve quality that we can in turn, deliver to our clients.

Expansion and investments in future technological innovations allow us to continuously improve reliability and redundancy while maintaining our competitive pricing, leaving you with more capital to expand your business without any loss in quality.

Our Customers

Our customers range between Mom and Pop shops, to large scale businesses – including technology enthusiasts, IT consultants, outsourcing providers, and many more. In short, we are looking to be a provider for entrepreneurs who seeks to capitalize on current and future technological innovations and advancements in the cloud space.

Our Partners

Right Servers Inc. treats all of our clients, regardless of size, as strategic partners. Without the valuable feedback gained from our clients, we would be unable increase value to existing and future clients and cater to an ever changing business landscape.

We strive to build quality partnerships with industry leaders in the areas of server hardware, network infrastructure, software and service providers. One of our main strategic partners to our cloud service offering is CA Technologies, providers of the award-winning Applogic cloud computing platform.