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Canadian Private Cloud Packages

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Canadian Private Clouds Built with your Needs in Mind

Distributed High-Available Cloud Storage

Distributed Storage

High-Availability meets high performance!

Distributed is Better!

Integrated Storage offers scalable high performance disk I/O without the expensive SANs.
Global CDN

Global CDN

Build your own CDN with a few clicks!

100% Customizable!

Tap into the integrated CDN with 170+ PoPs in 40+ countries to offer content or live streaming.
Global AnyCast DNS

AnyCast DNS

Global DNS with DDoS protection!

Global DNS is a Necessity!

In order to compete, your DNS must be responsive on a global basis! The DNS is integrated into the cloud platform.
Incremental Daily Backups Integrated

Integrated Backups

Incremental backups with scheduling built into the platform.

Automated Incremental Backups!

VM snapshots available at your fingertips to provision new VMs or rebuilt existing ones.
Responsive Cloud Web GUI control panel

Responsive Control Panel

Manage everything you need with the intuitive web GUI.

Web GUI to Manage Everything!

Get used to having everything at your finger tips with the web GUI – CDN, DNS, Provisioning, backups and more!
Restful API and cloud billing automation

API & Billing Automation

RESTful JSON and xml API and integrations with WHMCS, HostBill and UberSmith.

Get Started in Days!

Using one of the popular billing systems? We have those already integrated our cloud!

Canadian Private Cloud Packages

Shared Cloud

  • 0 Dedicated Nodes
  • 16 vCPU
  • 48 GB RAM
  • 1 TB Usable Disk
  • 1 TB Backup Space
  • 32 IPs
  • 10 TB Monthly Transfer

Starter Cloud

  • 2 Dedicated Nodes
  • 32 CPU Cores
  • 256 GB RAM
  • 4 TB Usable Disk
  • 4 TB Backup Server
  • 64 IPs
  • 20 TB Monthly Transfer

Provider Cloud

  • 4 Dedicated Nodes
  • 64 CPU Cores
  • 512 GB RAM
  • 8 TB Usable Disk
  • 12 TB Backup Server
  • 256 IPs
  • 50 TB Monthly Transfer
Free Consultation

Customize your Package Today!

We custom build all our private cloud packages, get in touch to have a solution tailored for you!
Free Consultation

Offer more with OnApp Private Cloud Packages

All OnApp Private Cloud packages are provisioned in our Kitchener, Ontario N+1 redundant facility (99.9% SLA).

Virtual Servers

Spin up Servers Instantly

Take advantage of having a high-availability cloud that can scale your virtual servers on-the-fly while offering some of the highest margins in the industry!

Smart Servers

Higher Performance & Security

The benefits of a virtual server on a dedicated box. Smart servers are a part of the fastest growing segment in the hosting industry.

Bare Metal Servers

Top performance & Security

The bare metal server takes advantage of directly communicating with the hardware without the security worries of any virtualization layer.

Automate your Cloud Services with:

WHMCS Cloud Reseller Module


VPS, Cloud, DNS, CDN, Load Balancer and Reseller modules.

Cloud Billing Supported!

All the necessary modules to automate your business! From VPS customers to setting up your own white-label reseller module!
Ubersmith Cloud Automation and Billing


Ubersmith DE comes with the necessary automation and integration.

Automation & Billing

Ubersmith DE now features native OnApp integration for all your billing and automation! Other Ubersmith version can install a module that we will provide.
HostBill Cloud Automation and Billing


VPS, Cloud, DNS, CDN, Load Balancer and Reseller integrated.

Integrated and Ready!

All the necessary modules to automate your business! From VPS customers to setting up your own white-label reseller module!

Custom Billing


Get started quickly!

Create your own automation and billing with the built-in RESTful JSON/XML API and PHP wrappers that come along with the cloud!

OnApp Benefits & Overview

OnApp is a cloud platform with an intuitive Web GUI, built for service providers.

OnApp Benefits & Overview

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