Installing APC (Alternative PHP Cache) Can Enhance your WordPress W3 Total Cache Performance

This option really depends on the environment you’re hosted in and what kind of pages you’re serving. Typically, most websites are hosted in a virtual environment like our managed domains but may not have similar disk, CPU or memory resources that we deploy. If you have a good amount of CPU (1.5+ CPU cores) and 2 GB or more of RAM then I would recommend testing this method out.

Test out the APC Method to Determine if It Does Enhance W3 Total Cache Performance

We install APC (Alternative PHP Cache) on the cloud servers to allow the W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin better work its magic for high traffic WordPress blogs. The result is more pages, images and web components are cached in memory for quicker response times to the end user. When your WordPress website receives an influx of traffic, it’s much faster for the server to retrieve that data from memory than disk – this is typically the source of bottlenecks for the majority of WordPress Sites.

Installing APC (Alternative PHP Cache) using WHM Control Panel

Our managed cloud server clients can log into their WHM control panel to install this package very quickly or contact us to have it installed by our staff:

    1. Log in to WHM as root.
    2. Click on Software.
WHM Software Button
    1. Click on Module Installers
WHM Module Installers
    1. Click the Manage link in the PHP Pecl row
WHM Manage Link PHP Pecl
    1. Search for ‘APC’
    2. Click the Install link under the Action column next to the APC Module Name (description is Alternative PHP Cache).
WHM Install APC link
    1. Once that has been configured by the control panel, restart Apache by clicking on Restart HTTP (Apache) under Restart Services in the control panel.
Restart Apache WHM
  1. Under the General Settings tab for the W3 Total Cache plugin, update the cache methods to reflect Opcode: Alternative PHP Cache (APC).

Install HTML Tidy Extension for Cleaner Code

This is not a necessity but it can help improve your website performance. The HTML Tidy PHP Extension will help clean up the code to speed up the transfer and render process for the end users. Our managed cloud server clients have access to this through their WHM control panel, but we do advise that you let our technical support team handle this if you’re unsure about what is going on.

    1. Log in to WHM as root.
    2. Click on EasyApache.

Easy Apache Update WHM

    1. Go through the wizard until you reach the list of PHP modules/options.
    2. Click on the Exhaustive list of options at the bottom.

WHM PHP Exhaustive List Apache

    1. Check the box next to Tidy.

WHM PHP Tidy Option Easy Apache

  1. Build Apache.
  2. PHP and Apache will be rebuilt and restarted for your use.

Configure WordPress Plugin – W3 Total Cache

At this point, you should configure your W3 Total Cache WordPress plugin to use Alternative PHP Cache for all components.

Managed Cloud Servers

If you are looking to have an expert take care of all these optimizations, feel free to visit our Managed Cloud Servers page for packages that have all of this management included!

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