White-Labelled Automated Cloud Reseller Program

Offer fully automated cloud hosting to your clients

Up to 25% in Discounts

Take advantage of the growing demand for cloud hosting services and offer cloud solutions to your clients without the hassle! With the Right Servers cloud reseller program, you will be able to effortlessly offer cloud hosting services to all your clients.

Reseller Tier Application Volume Recurring Monthly Discount
Tier 1 1-9 5%
Tier 2 10-25 10%
Tier 3 26-50 15%
Tier 4 51-99 25%
Tier 5 100+ Contact us

Your Clients will Benefit From:

On demand cloud resources

  • Automated order provisioning
  • Fully automated billing platform (WHMCS module for the cloud reseller program)
  • On-the-fly resource scalability (CPU, RAM and Disk space)
  • Start, Stop and restart cloud servers/applications
  • Services monitoring with customized email alerts

The Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program is Ideal for:

  • Entrepreneurs/Marketers
  • Web hosting providers
  • Outsourced IT service providers
  • Web developers
  • Software & web developers
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) providers
  • System administrators
  • Information system specialists
  • Business analysts

Expand your product line – offer cloud hosting without any upfront investment

Keep up with the growing trends without the need to invest in expensive equipment, expert staff or incurring any additional overhead. The cloud reseller program is a risk-free approach to tapping into the cloud hosting market.

Optimized and configured cloud servers and applications

We are the cloud experts so you don’t have to be

We have spent over 6 years working with AppLogic, a high-available, secure and robust cloud computing platform. Your servers and applications will be running on optimized infrastructure for maximum performance and uptime with the cloud reseller program.

White-labeled cloud reseller program, leverage your brand!

The cloud reseller module is a customizable template-based system to maintain your brand equity and leverage your existing client base. Offer high margin services with the white-label cloud reseller program, your clients will never know you are reselling cloud services!

Satisfaction guaranteed

WHMCS Cloud Reseller Module

Get started within minutes using our Cloud Reseller WHMCS module

We have the reseller program fully integrated with the WHMCS billing system and we packaged this cloud reseller program in an easy-to-install module. This module takes minutes to install and does not require any programming or code changes.

Best cloud management user-experience out of the box!

Tired of management systems built for functionality but not usability? So are we, which is why the cloud reseller module is built for user experience first. User experience will help lower the number of support tickets by empowering the user to perform these functions themselves!

Keep client loyalty with the right cloud products and services

More features and add-on services being added on a monthly basis

Many service providers lose clients because they do not offer all the services their clients are demanding. Maintain your client base and build customer loyalty by offering more services on a monthly basis that will add gains to your bottom line.

Start Offering White Label Cloud Hosting with our Cloud Reseller Program – Contact us Today!

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