White-Labelled Automated Cloud Reseller Program

  • $49 CAD
  • 2 vCPU
    4GB RAM
    50GB SSD Disk
    4 IPs
    2TB Transfer
    4 vCPU Per VPS Limit
  • $99 CAD
  • 4 vCPU
    8GB RAM
    100GB SSD Disk
    8 IPs
    5TB Transfer
    4 vCPU Per VPS Limit
  • $149 CAD
  • 8 vCPU
    16GB RAM
    250GB SSD Disk
    16 IPs
    10TB Transfer
    4 vCPU Per VPS Limit
  • $249 CAD
  • 16 vCPU
    32GB RAM
    500GB SSD Disk
    16 IPs
    10TB Transfer
    8 vCPU Per VPS Limit
  • $399 CAD
  • 24 vCPU
    64GB RAM
    1000GB SSD Disk
    32 IPs
    20TB Transfer
    16 vCPU Per VPS Limit

Why Offer White Labelled Cloud Servers?

Time to Market

Start selling within 24 hours!

Let us do the Heavy Lifting!

We provide you with the infrastructure and automated WHMCS module to package and sell cloud server solutions to your clients – it doesn’t get simpler than that!

Growth Opportunity

Another source of revenue!

Growing Cloud Market!

Are your clients asking you for cloud servers? Add cloud servers to your product line-up without the hassle and infrastructure headaches!

No Experience Necessary

We are the Experts!

No Infrastructure Headaches!

You are in good hands – we have been in the cloud hosting industry for over a decade. We will maintain hardware and network infrastructure.

Leverage Your Brand

Utilize your Store-front!

Increase your Brand Equity!

Stop sending your clients to another company because your don’t offer cloud servers. Become a one-stop shop for all their needs!

Fully Customizable

Package & Sell!

Create your own Packages and Pricing!

Got a niche or local market? Tailor your packages to fit your market – price it right for high margins & recurring profits!

Minimize Risk

Market to your Existing Network!

No upfront Investment Needed!

Pay only for what you use. Our white labelled cloud reseller program was made to help you grow your profits. Stop throwing profits away!
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White-Labelled Cloud Reseller Benefits:

Fully Automated Billing

Free WHMCS Module Included

Your Own Client Portal!

Your clients will never leave your website when you use our Cloud Reseller WHMCS Module to manage your clients!

Automated Provisioning

Save Time & Add Value!

Scalable Model

Automated provisioning is a must in this industry! With the Cloud Reseller WHMCS Module, you will be able to fully automate the cloud server provisioning process.

WHMCS - Client Self-Serve

Add/Remove CPU, RAM and Disk Space.

No Administration Needed!

Clients can log in to your WHMCS and order add-ons via the cloud VPS configurable options on their own – automation at its best!

Total Control of Cloud Servers

Start, Stop, Restart and More!

Client Control Over Cloud VPS

Clients can control their server via your WHMCS installation – start, stop and restarting the server are just the beginning!
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The Automated Cloud Hosting Reseller Program is Ideal for:

Service Providers

Remain Competitive in the Market!

Add Another Product to your Line-up!

Nowadays it’s hard to keep up with the vast amount of competition in a high-pace environment! We save you time and headache with the white labelled cloud reseller program!

Entrepreneurs & Developers

Ideal Add-on Service for your Business!

Add a Recurring Revenue Stream

Design and development is typically a one-time fee business so why not change that and add hosting to your list of services? We take care of the infrastructure overhead while you add value to your clients.

High-Tech Startups

Create Custom Templates for your App!

SaaS, Mobile & Web Applications

Are clients asking for custom setups? How about private instances of your application? Create your own templates and environments for production, testing and development using the cloud server reseller program!

Consultants & IT Professionals

Take Control & Earn More!

Become a Full Service Provider!

Earn more with the cloud server reseller program! Provide the service for more add-on work and earn more with the addition of another service to your line-up. The possibilities are endless with the vast niche markets out there!

Start Offering White Label Cloud Hosting with our Cloud Reseller Program – Contact us Today!

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